Patent attorneys and attorneys at law

DR. SOLF & ZAPF is your business partner in all aspects of national and international property rights. Our clients benefit from professional services provided by our highly qualified patent attorneys and attorneys at law in combination with

specialized technical knowledge of our patent engineers. Thereby, our services are always matched to the individual needs of our clients as well as to each individual situation – to provide advice being sophisticated, to the point and effective.

Using clear principles we act as a team to protect your ideas safely and reliably.

The Team 

German Patent Attorneys

Patents, Trademarks and Designs in Germany

European Design Attorneys

Design protection in the European Union

European Patent Attorneys

Patent protection in Europe

Attorneys at Law

Specialized legal counseling in the field of Intellectual Property

European Trademark Attorneys

Trademark Protection in the European Union

Business Mediators

alternative dispute settlement

Why is IP protection important?

A good overview of IP rights in the marketing environment of your company helps you to timely identify upcoming risks due to protections rights of competitors. You can therefore react in time, for example by adjusting the development of your product. Innovation is promoted.

Having your own IP rights you strengthen the position of your company with respect to your competitors and secure a timely limited monopole for your innovation. Trademark protection ensures that your name and your logo is only used for what it stands for – your good reputation. Last but not least IP rights as immaterial property increase the value of your company.

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Location Wuppertal

Schloßbleiche 20
42103 Wuppertal
Phone: 0202 / 24 58 00
Fax: 0202 / 24 58 030
E-Mail: wuppertal@solf-zapf.de

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Location Munich

Candidplatz 15
81543 Munich
Phone.: 089 / 62 42 930
Fax: 089 / 62 42 93 22
E-Mail: munich@solf-zapf.de

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Location Bergisch Gladbach

Hauptstraße 97
51465 Bergisch Gladbach
Phone: 02202 / 18 87 80
Fax: 02202 / 18 87 810
E-Mail: cologne@solf-zapf.de