Alexander Solf

Graduated from the Technical University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld as an engineer for chemistry and for non-metallic materials science and technology, especially ceramics. Obtained a doctor’s degree in the field of synthesis of calcium silicates. Industrial practice as, for instance, assistant to Managing Director of test-machines plant, scientific work in the field of seismic and soil mechanics, […]

Christopher Zapf

Graduated from the Technical University of Munich as Diplom Engineer in the field of electrical engineering specializing in communication technologies and microprocessors. Internships and practical experience at Armaturenfabrik Voss in Wipperfürth, Germany; Hemscheidt Maschinenfabrik in Wuppertal, Germany and Hayes Microcomputer Products in Atlanta, USA. Work experience as system engineer for information technologies at DETECON GmbH, […]

Christoph Zapf

Graduated from the Technical University of Darmstadt as an electrical engineer. Industrial practice as electrical engineer at GEW Company in Cologne (electrical power and supply company). Began studies for Patent Attorneyship in 1970, Patent Engineer and Assistant Manager of the Patent Department of Felten-Guilleaume Carlswerke AG, Cologne (electrical cable and wire company). Junior Judge at […]

Philipp Harlacher

Graduated from the University of Bochum as Diplom Engineer in the field of energy and process engineering specializing in power plant engineering and high-temperature materials. Work experience and internships at Ruhrgas AG in Essen, Germany; Volkswagen Slovakia S.K. in Brastislava, Slovakia; E.ON Engineering GmbH in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Patent Attorney since January 2012. Partner at a […]