Our Services

As patent attorneys with technical or scientific background we share your passion for technique and work with the same enthusiasm, the same precision and exceptional performance for the protection of the IP of your company as you for the further development of your products and innovations.

Trusted and intensive teamwork as well as our expectation for precise work contribute to the success of our clients and are confirmed through long-lasting relationships with our clients. Irrespective of prosecution, opposition or infringement proceedings, we always are committed to the enforcement and defense of the interests of your company using our knowledge and experience.

Filing of IP rights

We take care of the filing of your patents, trademarks and designs. We first check your innovation with respect to novelty and file the same at the respective Patent- and Trademark Office.


Enforcement of IP rights

If you have already protected your patent, trademark or design legally, you can enforce your IP rights against third parties infringing these rights. We assist you with IP right disputes and the successful resolution thereof.


Legal counseling

We advise you with respect to employee-inventor law, copyright and competition law. We search worldwide for publications of patents and designs within our technical fields, prepare expert opinions and watch over your IP rights.


Our technical fields

By means of our widely spread technical knowledge of our team we professionally cover all IP-related matters in the technical fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and chemistry/material science. We carry out searches worldwide and in detail for existing IP rights and assist you with your inquiries.


IP rights for start-ups

If you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial success and want to do a start-up or have already done so, many times many questions concerning IP rights arise. We offer searches with respect to your product, respond to your questions and assist you with the filing and the enforcement of your IP rights.


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Location Wuppertal

Schloßbleiche 20
42103 Wuppertal
Phone: 0202 / 24 58 00
Fax: 0202 / 24 58 030
E-Mail: wuppertal@solf-zapf.de

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Location Munich

Candidplatz 15
81543 Munich
Phone.: 089 / 62 42 930
Fax: 089 / 62 42 93 22
E-Mail: munich@solf-zapf.de

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Location Bergisch Gladbach

Hauptstraße 97
51465 Bergisch Gladbach
Phone: 02202 / 18 87 80
Fax: 02202 / 18 87 810
E-Mail: cologne@solf-zapf.de