Christoph Zapf


(of Counsel)

German & European Patent Attorney
German & European Trademark Attorney
German & European Design Attorney

Graduated from the Technical University of Darmstadt as an electrical engineer. Industrial practice as electrical engineer at GEW Company in Cologne (electrical power and supply company).

Began studies for Patent Attorneyship in 1970, Patent Engineer and Assistant Manager of the Patent Department of Felten-Guilleaume Carlswerke AG, Cologne (electrical cable and wire company). Junior Judge at the Civil Court of Düsseldorf (Patent Litigation Senate). Patent Attorney since 1973.Long-standing experience in all fields of German and European patent, utility model, trademark and design proceedings, litigation, licensing and legal matters related to inventions by employees.

Specializing in the fields of electrical cables (high tension and communication), light-conductors, fibers and cables, communication techniques and systems, electronic equipment and circuits, electrical motors, electrical insulating materials and devices, medical and dental technology, recycling technologies, automotive industry and appliances, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, valves and connectors, mining machinery, tools, suspension systems.

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